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Cards By Chiara Castellini

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The doggone delightful and funny Birthday and Anniversary cards in this wacky and whimsical collection are unlike any ever seen, and received, before. You can thank talented, inventive artist Chiara Castellini for the awesome, one-of-a-kind pictures, as you get thanked by all those celebrating their B-Day or love commemoration date who you wisely gifted with one of these wonderful, wondrous cards.

In stunning, striking, vivid, vibrant blues, greens, purples, reds, blacks, whites, and brown and gray and yellow furred, and pink lolling panting tongues: a dog dons a colorful hat with a candle climbing frog to party amongst cupcakes and presents; a cute little pooch with gossamer wings flies in a gift to a much bigger canine wearing a party hat; and four hounds funnily pose biggest to smallest in front of decorated, candle lit birthday cakes festooned with stuffed toy elephants, giraffes and monkeys.

The mutts are marvelous, the charm and creativity is off-the-charts; and the cards are guaranteed to deliver huge smiles and hearty laughs when they land with a light, loving touch on anyone's big special day.