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Cards By Jenny Foster

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Jenny Foster's style is primitive and contemporary, embellished with joyful colors and abstract forms and symbols. Her constant goal is to create pieces that speak to the heart immediately - to create personality and expression while keeping them simple, joyful, bold and refreshing. Jenny is a native Arizonan, and studied Fine Art at Arizona State University. She has been happily painting since she was 7 years old.

If you want to really charge up somebody's Merry Christmas with some hot electric feathered funk, then Jenny Foster and NobleWorks have the hip, pulsating, bird-based greeting for you, and those lucky, lit-up card recipients!

A charming ostrich neck, head and beak are featured here, rendered ab fab by spray-painting the yellow-billed bird with pink, purple, blue, green, red, orange and yellow. And then, for added seasonal silliness psychedelic enjoyment, the grinning animal with the natural propensity for gourd burial is further adorned and decorated with brown reindeer antlers and hung about the neck with a red and green Noel tree ornament.

Along with the crimson framing and deep dark black background, and everything else aforementioned, this cute, cheerful, charming, unique, vivid, vibrant, coursing-with-colors card will put the warm and fuzzy buzz in everyone's holiday season.