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Talk Bubbles Funny Cards

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Hilarious Talk Bubble Cards

Talk Bubbles is NobleWorks longest standing line of cards which was first introduced by NobleWorks back in 1985 when the company was still strictly a wholesale card publisher and distributed cards from the Meatpacking District in New York. We did not start selling cards for retail online until sometime in the early 1990s. TALK BUBBLES is a very special line of humorous cards dreamed up by NobleWorks after wild nights of partying, too much ice cream, lots of bacon, humorous realizations about life and internet surfing (actually there wasn't internet back then. After all, these cards were published way back when electricity was still a new concept).

The truth is the line was born due to the fact we had no real artistic talent and were using existing imagery in a collage-type layout that seemed like a no-brainer. Then we had to tirelessly work until the gag of the joke we dreamed up was just right.

This irreverent greeting card line make use of vintage photos, retro pictures and nostalgic images to create an anniversary card with a modern design to fit all your birthday, Christmas and anniversary needs. We even have fuck-cancer cards that tell cancer in the most direct way how everyone feels about it!

Talk Bubbles have something funny for everyone. Whether it is naked men skipping though a field talking about asses in a funny ass joke card, to a perfect card for a friend humorously telling your friends how close of friends you are and that if there were only one parachute on a plane that you would miss them terribly. Can it get any sweeter than that?

Talk Bubble birthday cards lean more toward risque jokes than regular birthday jokes, but there is something for everyone.

Take a moment to browse through the funny cards and decide which one matches the friends you know! Just as there are different flavors of food, there are different flavors of humor for all the wacky people in your acquaintance. Why not buy some Talk Bubble cards today and make the world a funnier place? Get some cards for sisters, cards for brothers and cards for men and women in your life! They will talk about your funny card for years to come.