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Old Fashion Pics and Vintage Images Turn Funny Birthday Cards
With Humorous Nostalgic Attitude And a Dash Of Retro Sarcasm.

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Ephemera Inc. Funny Nostalgic Pictures Are the Perfect Canvas for NobleWorks Hilarious Vintage Cards

The humorists and designers at Ephemera are our spirit animal. NobleWorks Cards got its start with the Talk Bubbles line, which paired retro pictures of the good, old days with modern snark and sarcasm. We're not ashamed to admit that Ephemera is one of the best in the business at pairing the art of yesteryear with the philosophy of today.

Ephemera is one of the most funny, sassy and downright uncouth greeting card lines on the market, offering an impressive variety of adult greeting cards. These vintage-inspired cards feature old-fashioned drawings with extremely blunt phrases, helping you say everything you've always wanted to say in one single greeting card. They're just perfect for the days when you wonder to yourself why your grandmother has more Facebook friends than you.

Ephemera's old-fashioned birthday cards are pretty much ideal for the sass-loving birthday girls who aren't afraid to drink irresponsibly, or guys who are ready to get loose on their big day. We also offer Ephemera cards for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day and more. You can even tell your best pal congratulations with an Ephemera card that reads, "College prepared me for life but ruined my liver, reputation and credit."

You can't find vintage birthday cards this funny in grocery stores. Many of these are R-rated, off-color, offensive - and completely hilarious. Don't get pigeon-holed by those standard, sappy greeting cards. Opt instead for one that's completely and totally offensive.

Our Ephemera greeting cards are made in the U.S. on FSC-certified paper, so you can be sure you're getting a card made with paper from a well-sourced forest. Plus, all of our greeting cards ship free, even if you order just one, so you can pad that card with a little extra cash for the birthday boy or girl.

By contrasting corny vintage images with hip, sarcastic sayings, these retro greeting cards provide a great way to twist the knife on stale conventions. Our retro cards' funny sayings range from the mildly caustic to the seriously obscene, and include everything in between. That means you can find funny retro birthday cards mild enough for your hip grandma and wild enough for your swears-like-a-sailor girlfriend or boyfriend. Whatever the occasion and whomever the recipient, these retro funny cards, including retro birthday cards, funny empty-nest cards and just about anything else, will impress everyone with your retrograde humor.