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Cards By Karen Tye Bentley

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After leaving university, Karen Tye Bentley worked for a multinational ceramic company as a Designer and then Design Manager for 17 years. When her first daughter came along, Karen decided to plunge into the world of freelancing to give herself a better work/life balance. She now concentrates on illustration for the greetings market as well as a variety of other products such as fabric. Karen lives in Staffordshire, England with her husband, two daughters and black Labrador.

These greeting cards are simply delish! And delectable, delightful and decadently amazing! Sweet treats for the eyes and emotions; good enough to eat, even better to send out to and be devoured by those celebrating a Birthday, Anniversary or Wedding.

A yummy, beautiful, four layered, green and blue iced cake on a pink pedestal, adorned with sugary red roses and white snowflakes, pictured against a light blue, flower filled background, is portrayed on the fantastic front of a nuptial congratulations card to ensure that the big day goes off wonderfully. And a chocolate cake with a cream filling, white iced and garnished with blueberries, raspberries, flowers and a lit purple candle, is delicately depicted in vivid, vibrant watercolors, along with red fluttering hearts and white dots, to commemorate the romantic day when two became one.

Whipped and baked up and colorfully, creatively frosted by artist Karen Tye Bentley for NobleWorks Cards, these lovely, astonishing, touching, delicious greeting cards are epically fit to hand out in gooey, creamy, buttery, super-sweet cardboard slices of good cheer and best wishes, sure to melt hearts.