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Cards By Haley Art & Design

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For the past eight years, Haley has been licensing her work to manufacturers and publishers who use it on a variety of products, from greeting cards to home decor to giftware. Haley began her career as the owner of an advertising agency, but discovered art licensing more than a decade ago when she began representing artists and photographers. A farm girl from Michigan who now lives in East Texas with her husband and two children, Haley is a versatile artist with a constant need for progression.

Cool, cute, crafty, colorful forest critters rule and rock these Graduation, Anniversary and Wedding cards, in striking, stunning, psychedelic, kaleidoscopic style. Bringing blazing, brilliant, beautiful best wishes and glorious good cheer to one and all so deserving.

On these utterly unique and amazingly creative greeting cards: a crayon-prickled porcupine prowls the crimson forest floor amongst red and white capped mushrooms; two green and pink feathered owls with gyroscopic eyes for one another nest, nuzzle and snuggle in their tree trunk home amidst green, brown and yellow leaves; and a rainbow furred, big-eyed, adorable raccoon takes a stroll through the woods holding a red and yellow flower between its brown paws.

Along with all the vibrant hues and awesome images, each one of these marvelous, magnificent charm cards is also embossed with some inspiring and touching words of encouragement and love. Anybody receiving any one of these patterned, stylized, splendid, warm and fuzzy and color-burst animal cards will greatly cherish it, for sure.