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Boo The World's Cutest Dog Greeting Cards

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"Boo The World's Cutest Dog™" has been taking the internet by storm for a decade with his miniature teddy bear look. He started off as a shaggy, energetic and lovable Pomeranian puppy when he was born on March 16, 2006 (sadly, he passed away on January 18, 2019). Thankfully, his owner the "human" was ready with her camera to capture all of it. His human put Boo on Facebook on May 11, 2009. From there, Boo's popularity grew quickly and he became known globally as the cutest dog in the world, with millions of fans on social media. Boo the dog is a teacup Pomeranian, with one unique distinction that separated him from the rest of the Pomeranians and made him a celebrity — his hair texture, which is coarse and thick. Initially, his fur was knotted and dog-grooming products were not working for him, so he needed to get the shaved haircut and his face trimmed, which is what gave him the adorable teddy bear look that appears on NobleWorks' greeting cards today.