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Cards By Janet Tava

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Janet Tava began her illustrious art career after having graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a degree in painting and after some further study at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Parsons School of Design. Janet's first professional position was with the prestigious Karl Mann Studio where she ran the Orientalia painting department for 12 years, creating works for such clients as the South African and Saudi Arabian Embassies and the Roscoe Award winning Executive Suites in the Plaza Hotel. It was during her tenure with Karl Mann that she learned and perfected decorative painting techniques, adapting ancient Chinese designs for modern use in innovative and award-winning hand-painted wallpapers, textiles and murals. Janet also works in acrylic and oils to produce paintings for museums and galleries.

There are few greeting card collections as brightly, vividly, vibrantly colorful as this flamboyant, pulsating, psychedelic collage of crafty and creative cards. These brilliant, boisterous, bursting-with-color notecards will enlighten and enliven anyone's Father's Day, Christmas and/or Birthday, big-time. And flowery gratitude was never fashioned more blooming and blossoming than as exhibited here, as well, in this glorious grouping.

A red, orange, green, blue, pink, purple, yellow and black rooster smokes a pipe while wearing its multi-hued jacket, against a blazing blue sky, to celebrate Dad's big special day. While a bespectacled primarily pink pig wearing a polka dot bowtie, a toque clad chick waddling under some dangling mistletoe, and a boffo cool bunny bedecked with a gold chain and a red and white Santa cap, get rainbow spray-painted against stunning crimson backdrops to wish one and all a Merry Xmas.

These awesome, utterly unique, amazingly and artistically rendered greeting cards by Janet Tava will serve as super, sensational, floral-full gift missives to express your Pop Day, Noel, B-Day and Gratitude greetings.