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Cards by Fab Funky

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Kelly works under the studio name Fab Funky. She's had the privilege of living with many animals during her lifetime and has learned to appreciate all of their unique personalities and funny little quirks, and it's this that mainly inspires her artwork. She works in two mediums: acrylics on canvas and also digitally. Sometimes she uses collage techniques, as well.

Dressed up dogs are featured on all of the Birthday cards from Fab Funky for sale here. A cute dachshund, pug and boxer are all dolled up with tiaras, pearls, bracelets and necklaces so that you can send out some truly fabulous, beguiling and bejeweled bow wow birth anniversary greetings to any special friend, family member or coworker who's turning another year older in style. Whether they're canine lovers and/or pet owners themselves or not, they'll love receiving any one of these humorous, prettified pooch portrait greetings on the big happy occasion of their latest Birthday.