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Cards By Debbie Tomassi

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Debbie Tomassi is a painter, humorous writer and illustrator who lives in Seattle, Washington. She regularly shows her fine art at various locations around the Pacific Northwest. Tomassi's commercial art has adorned hundreds of greeting cards and many other social-expression products.

Charming, captivating, well-dressed, retro women and bright, beautiful, blooming flowers and Jesus Christ coloring eggs, are all featured in this lovely, luscious, smart, sassy and funny collection of Birthday, Get Well, Easter, Mother's Day, Christmas and Congratulations cards.

Along with the hilarious egg-painting Savior - no yolk! - a chorus line of classy chicks raise their legs for humorous kicks, a saucy granny sits posed with a chicken for no other reason than she wants to pecker up, a big mama on a tightrope strung between buildings juggles multi-colored balls with the greatest of parental ease, and florals burst forth off the fronts of cards in an awesome profusion and plethora of pinks, yellows, reds, greens, yellows, purples and blues. To highlight just a few of the glorious, gorgeous, garrulous greetings in this vast and varied grouping.

Artist Debbie Tomassi has created a wonderful, inspiring, marvelous, mirthful, lovely and loving collage of cards from which you can choose to recognize that special friend, family member, colleague or one amazing mom, on just about every occasion.