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There's something truly fishy, and tremendously fin-tastic, about this Father's Day and Birthday card set. These glowing, fresh and salt water greetings will bait the hook on the good times and lure anyone into great celebration, when you cast one of them out to those so deserving.

Here, a gorgeous, luminous, blue, purple, green, orange and yellow scaled fish is stunningly portrayed swimming against a deep, dark, black background to enlighten and brighten someone's big B-Day bash. While a crazily grinning, green and pink fishing lure mounted with a pair of propellers and set upon a vivid crimson backdrop, and a puffed-up, orange, yellow and blue fish moving through deep sea aquamarine waters, are phosphorescently, fabulously depicted in order to flop and flounder out the F-Day super, silly, sensational best wishes.

You don't have to be a full-fledged, fanatical fisher to enjoy these awesomely scaled missives; all you and the lucky card recipients need is a fine appreciation of vibrant water colors and a fully developed sense of humor.