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Celsius Greeting Cards

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Ah, the age-soothing elements of the Centigrade system! To celebrate somebody's 100th, 90th, 80th, 70th, 60th, 55th, 50th, 45th or 40th. For those "elderly" friends, relatives and workmates of yours who tend to get a little hot under the collar when yet another Birthday rolls around to make them one more year older, help moderate their heated/hot flash storm-front using one of the cool, colorful, hilarious B-Day cards in this cheerful and cheering collection.

The forecast calls for happiness and fun when you gift someone turning a hundred, ninety, eighty, seventy, sixty, fifty-five, fifty, forty-five or forty the appropriate temperately adjusted greeting card from this well-seasoned and sensational selection. Because there's no need to sweat another year on the calendar when a special Birthday woman or man can laugh at their aging from a whole new, weathered perspective.