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Cards by John Billette

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Artist John Billette has created a colorful, off-color, hilarious, horny, funny, flesh-toned, sassy, sexy collection of cartoon cards for nearly every occasion and sense of humor. Skillfully illustrated and wittily worded, these garrulous greeting cards will be met with great gusts of laughter and good cheer, and a more than occasional knowing smile and wink.

Here, a wily woman tries to get a sick man to eat something; a lucky dude in pasties and g-string locks up a glamorous job at a bar; a committed cellmate gets his pal the perfect sheer pink teddy fit for the situation, and their sharing; and a hard-working wife shocks her lay-about husband with stunning, startling headline news about a middle-aged man making his own F'ing sandwich!

Birthday, New Job Congratulations, Anniversary, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Baby Congrats - there's a hot, hearty, hysterical greeting card for almost every big day and event in this great grouping. All bursting with wicked jokes, some raunchy, some just raucous, and bright, vivid, vibrant yellows, blues, reds, greens, browns, purples, pinks, plaids and white trash, too.