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Cards By Stagi Works

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Melissa Stagi is a California mother, coffee addict and more importantly - watercolor artist. She longs for a nap but is working on GarbageMom 2 and other fun books. You can see her daily on Instagram@stagiworks.

It's wanton, wacky, wonderful, stylish witchery, artistically plastered all over these Happy Birthday and Halloween cards. Dressed up, dolled up and drolled out in fine, flamboyant, fanciful, colorful style fit for great greeting and giving.

In exquisite, bright, detailed, creative, crafty, vivid, vibrant orange, black, pink, purple, red, blue, green, yellow, white and gray brush strokes: a trio of a fab fashionistas smile manically to show off their teeth as they break out the bubbly in salute of someone's big B-Day; a wand-wielding, spell-casting, cursing witch chases after her racing, bubbling cauldron of green brew to All Hallows' Eve glorious and giddy effect; and a witch and warlock couple happily ride the parchment hued skies with their fiendish little offspring in tow on a broom of its own.

You'll put a grin on more than the jack o' lantern when you pick up and fly out any one of these unique, amazing, awesome, awe-inspiring, visually and verbiage dazzling delight cards.