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Humorous Christmas and Everyday Pet-themed Blank and Greeted Cards

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Animal greetings are always great to pick up and send out, a surefire winner with those chosen card recipients you're seeking to reward, impress and/or acknowledge. And so, this is the massive, mammoth, cute, cuddly, funny, furry and charming mammal collection for you, and them!

Adorable, fun-loving otters, cats, dogs, giraffes, elephants, zebras, lions, tigers, groundhogs, donkeys, polar bears, penguins, monkeys, gophers and so many more playful and happy critters crowd and color these amazing and wacky Birthday, Christmas, Get Well, Bon Voyage, Valentine's Day, Wedding, Anniversary, Thank You, Mother's Day, Retirement, Halloween, Teacher Thank You, Easter, Father's Day, Friendship, Groundhog Day, Graduation, Miss You, Blank and Sorry greeting cards with their delightful antics and warm and fuzzy charm.

So, if thoughtful you and your lucky card recipients love animals - and who doesn't!? - then this is the enormous, exciting, flea, fur and fun-bearing grouping of greetings for you to pick and gift from. Doggone, purr-fectly, otterly wonderful!