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Cards By Willow Creek Press

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Willow Creek Press is an award-winning U.S. publisher with a special focus on the myriad joys of dog and cat ownership. An ever expanding line of light-hearted, high-quality books and calendars has established their leadership role in this popular category.

Cute animals in adorable yoga poses dominate, dignify, defy and delight this collection of furry, fabulous Thank You, Christmas and Blank cards. Fit perfect for hilarious, happy, heartfelt giving and getting.

On the Xmas holiday side of things: a polar bear, a giraffe, a brown cow, a brown and white cow, a black and white cow, and a pair of sloths all don festive red and white Santa hats as they flex their limbs and card recipients' funny bones in a series of yoga moves, against bright white and vivid, vibrant crimson and purple backgrounds. And the less-than-lazy sloth cards even come equipped with humorous puns! While a ten card collection trimmed with green bamboo and yellow and white daisies features a monkey, a giraffe, a polar bear, an elephant, a seal, a white tiger, a rhinoceros, a lion, a lemur, and a panda bear, all busting some hysterical mat moves to make with the fantastic, warm and fuzzy critter card greetings.

It doesn't require a health nut, or hitting the zen hot spot, to appreciate these wacky, wonderful, mammal mirthful, seasonal, gratitude and all occasions greeting cards.