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Everyday and Christmas Cards with the Wacky Cartoons by Tim Whyatt

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Tim Whyatt Funny Cartoon Cards

Perhaps it's his Australian heritage that gives him that edginess and makes him so funny. You can get away with quite a bit of shenanigans out there in the bush. Tim Whyatt is an award-winning cartoonist and a master of uproarious adult sex cartoon greeting cards. Whyatt cards are notoriously outrageous and naughty, so if you're looking for something different that will surprise your friends, family members and co-workers (and maybe even your boss, if they have the proper attitude), then these funny cards are sure to do the trick.

You'll find humorous birthday cards, Valentine's Day cards, Mother's and Father's Day cards, thank you cards and more. Nothing is sacred, with Whyatt happily lampooning every aspect of our daily lives with his colorful cast of characters. You'll find sexy senior citizens, blind owners of humping dogs, swimming sperm, Jesus and a dominatrix.

Our specially selected 'best of Tim Whyatt' greeting cards include premiere specimens from the traces of nuts by Whyatt collection. The Other Way Around couples massage birthday card is perfect for a partner. The Don't Dick Around card asks the eternal question "does size matter?" while the Bangkok charades card is great for family members who have gathered together for this classic game, though probably not like this. Make sure they have a healthy sense of humor! Tim Whyatt's special brand of devastating dry humor is accompanied by his classic and instantly recognizable drawings.

Some are available without inside messages so you can add wittiness and sarcasm. These Whyatt cards, like all of our cards at NobleWorks, are American-made from recycled materials. With the great low prices and free shipping on every order, you'll shock, amuse and delight while staying in your budget.