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Cards By Jane Alden

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Decorative, delightful, colorful, funny, punny; just a few of the exciting adjectives to describe the hilarious, artful, creative, clever and glorious St. Patrick's Day, Birthday and Congratulations cards in this witty, well-drawn, wonderful collection of greetings.

For Saint Patty's Day, the green shamrocks are shining, the redheaded lasses are beaming beautiful, and hilarious punch lines are pitched perfect to celebrate the drinkiest Irish day of the year. While a huge blue Buddha pumps up the good cheer and great kudos for someone who has done something special, against a pink, blue, white and yellow flowered background. And a charming, classy, retro lady in a yellow top fingers a pair of bluebirds, against bright blue sky background, to fly out the happy greetings and get all those celebrating their big special day all a-twitter.

An eclectic, enticing, artistically rendered and humorously joke jacked grouping of cards for your sure-to-be-appreciated giving.