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Cards By Mel Henze

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Mel Henze's churlish humor is on full display, along with his somewhat childlike artistic skills, on the hilarious and colorful landscape Birthday card on sale here. While the outdoor primitive picture portrayal of mountains, the sun, trees and dirt may not win any artistic awards, or be compared to the works of Winslow Homer anytime soon, the attractive and amusing painting and punchline will be laughingly appreciated and eventually adored by all of your friends, family members and colleagues who are turning another year older and still have a good eye for art and a finely tuned funnybone.

Especially appropriate for those more than mature people you know who are already well up there in age, the bright simplicity of Mel's illustration coupled with the zesty zing of his gag line will be easily comprehended and chuckled at by those with possibly (rapidly) deteriorating bodies and brains. The sunny, scenic, hysterical Birthday greeting is truly picturesque and pithy enough to pin up on a bulletin board, tape to a fridge or sit on a shelf. The elder the Birthday "boy or girl," the better.