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Cards By David Stringer

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Birthdays should be full of colorful fun. Just like these hued, Happy Birthday cards from artist David Stringer and NobleWorks.

On one truly witty and surprisingly sexy card, a convent of black and white clad nuns discuss a troubling outbreak of Chlamydia, while one seated, not very bright, fellow female faith devotee, showing a shocking lot of leg, hopes it's better than the case of wine they had last week. While on another cartoon illustrated, mirthful birth-date anniversary missive done up in bright blue and pink dresses and slobbish, yobbish, stained black pants and white undershirt, a cynical wifey suggests her loutish hubby give her a nice fat widow's pension as a B-Day gift wish.

Any one given one of these clever, color-filled, hilarious, garrulous, gregarious, second-to-nun greeting cards will be wearing a huge smile of appreciation and hacking up the laughter as they celebrate their big special day even more so.