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Cards By Amy Poe

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Is artist Amy Poe eight years old? Judging by her cute, colorful, crayon illustrated Mother's Day and Christmas cards, yes. Judging from her birth certificate, however, probably not.

Whatever. Age doesn’t matter. The M-Day and Xmas cards in this glorious grouping are deliberately and artistically meant to look adorable, attractive and innocently child-like - and they succeed, big-time!

An off-kilter, pink and brown vase holds three tall, pink and red flowers with green stems and leaves, delightfully pictured sitting on a wood board platform against a bright yellow wall, to beam out Happy Mother's Day best wishes that any mommy will gratefully and tearfully appreciate. While for Yuletide revelry: orange and green tree ball decorations, with red, blue, pink and gold patterns and stars, adorn a festive evergreen; a living room setting in vivid orange, red, blue, green and gold, with a decorated tree, wrapped gifts and lit candle, beams out bright seasonal spirit Vincent Van Gogh style; and a red and white striped candy cane with a green ribbon is depicted in kid art against a vibrant, scrawled, blue backdrop to send out Joyeux Noel cheer.

Any mom, family member, friend and/or coworker will love receiving one of these charming, childish, fun, fabulous missives to brighten and hearten their big special day of celebration.