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Cards by Olga Krigman

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Olga Krigman's journey to creating the company Offensive+Delightful was mostly accidental. From Russia to Los Angeles in the 80's, from Pasadena to School of Visual Arts in the 90's, from a little design firm in the East Village in the 00's to creating Offensive+Delightful in 2005. She has been doing O+D since 2003, when she first created a bunch of "F@#k You" cards for a small street fair in New York City.

Olga's impressive range, inventiveness, imagination and wicked sense of humor are showcased in colorful imagery and hilarious captions on these Christmas, Birthday, Gay Anniversary and Wedding, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Graduation Congratulations and Good Luck cards. Santa Claus, reindeer, winter sleighs, stylish girls and fashionable retro women, tuxedo wearing Victorian husbands, little winged Cupids, blazing females, lightbulbs, Maneki Neko cats and busty burlesque babes all make an attractive, eye catching and side splitting appearance on these glib, garrulous and somewhat foul mouthed but truly funny single, multiple and variety pack greetings. And Olga's appealingly unique and awesome art and jokes also come in the Spanish language, for all those Hispanic people you know who could use some catty good fortune.