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Cards by Ed Van Der Hoek

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Ed Van Der Hoek is a contemporary Dutch artist with a distinctively quirky style and a particular affinity with companion animals and an obsession with cars. He originally studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam. Ed cites as sources of inspiration for his artwork - literature, poetry, film, television, politics, sports, daily life, radio, nature, music, magazines, Sesame Street, his daughter, the cat, the neighbors and all the other things that can make life difficult.

Dogs, cats and cars! What more could any greeting card recipient want!? Especially when they're all, animal and auto, mixed together for maximum delight and jolly good cheer, as they are in this doggone great, feline fine, automobile awesome collection of cards.

Dalmatians spot somebody special some good-natured Thanks; a fivesome of kittycats tool around in a white Volkswagen Beetle to deliver Birthday best wishes; two mutts maneuver a blue, white-striped mini around to gear up the gratitude; and a cute brown pooch dons a black mask against a bright blue background to make with the Happy B-Day warm and fuzzies and furries.

If you need to say Thanks and/or Happy Birthday in pet and pedal-to-the-metal amusing style, dot and dash out some delight, then these are the funny, hilarious, domestic pet and imported vehicle cards for you!