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Cards by Albert Koetsier

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Albert Koetsier is a Dutch artist who uses x-rays to create art. Rather than pursue a formal education in art, he preferred to experiment. Koetsier is revered for his x-ray photos of flowers and shells.

He and NobleWorks have designed a series of absolutely unique, utterly wonderful, marvelously translucent, brilliantly flower bedecked greeting cards with which to celebrate Mother's Day, Christmas and Birthdays, and to offer up touching words and tender images of Sympathy.

Tulips, roses and lilies beam and glow like floral light bulbs, shining bright and beautiful and bathed in pink, orange, purple, red, yellow, blue, white and green. Whether singly or in bouquets, these brilliantly lit charming blossoms will surely bring great cheer and warmth to all so gifted any one of them.

A stunning, stirring, striking, sheer, sensational and shaded grouping of greeting cards with which to extend your Merry Christmas, Happy B-Day and M-Day, best gratitude, and caring and compassionate sentiments.