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Cards By Alison Solomon

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Funny is the name of the game in this clever, colorful, hilarious card collection. Artist Alison Solomon makes with the hysterical pictures and wonderfully witty words so that you can help somebody special celebrate Hanukkah, Mother's Day, Passover, Christmas and/or their Birthday in fine, flippant, feel-good style.

For the Jewish Festival of Lights: green, red, purple and blue, symbol-marked dreidels are pictured and the rules of the game spun and twisted into something humorous; and an adorable little girl with braided brown hair wearing a blue shirt attempts to spell out her thanks to her Aunt Lisa, with small success. While for Mom's Day: cavewomen in leopard skins get together to artistically render primitive hunting scenes on stone tablets; and exercise treadmill transitional usage is comically, cartoon portrayed in a series of poignant, truthful, side-splitting and thigh-widening vignettes.

If you're looking to share some holiday good cheer or motherhood merriment with those near and dear to you, then these are the cute, charming, chortle-inducing, joyous, joke cards for you to peruse, pick up and send out. Certain to brighten and delight 'em!