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Cards By Joey Heiberg

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The eclectic, exciting artwork and funny, hilarious witticisms of Joey Heiberg are full-frontal featured on these colorful, humorous, crafty and creative Birthday cards.

A black-haired woman wearing a pair of green glasses and a pink dress, holding a glass of purple wine, makes a sassy, sauced resolution to become a bitchy wino instead of a whiney bitch. And an artful dame rendered in shades of striking blue, with a pink, white and chocolate iced cake atop her head, and party birds perched on her shoulders pinching pink balloon strings in their beaks, tells a mirthful joke about her failing memory to make someone's B-Day truly memorable.

These super, sardonic, vibrant, classy chick cards will brighten and enliven anybody's big special day, and deliver some fine laughter along with the fine art.