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Cards by Leo Cullum

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Leo Cullum's cartoons feature humans as well as dogs, cats, birds, and other animals in his masterful gag cartoons, hundreds of which appeared (1977–2010) in The New Yorker magazine and in such publications as the Harvard Business Review and Barron’s. Cullum consistently hit readers' funny bone with his spot-on depictions of bombastic businessmen, incompetent doctors, and slippery lawyers.

Few do funny greeting cards better than Leo Cullum, both artistically and word-wise. As illustrated and punchlined in this fantastic, fabulous, hilarious, colorful, clever collection of Birthday, Get Well, Congratulations, Valentine's Day and Birthday Dad cards.

In bright, vivid, vibrant reds, pinks, blues, greens, purples, pinks, blacks, whites, browns, oranges, cartoon drawn and drolly scribed: a spotted dog clues a tabby cat into family compatibility; Santa Claus puts the drunken pole moves on one of his uneasy antlered reindeer; a chicken and egg wait to see who goes first into a doctor's office; a winged angel walking the clouds beams with halo energy consciousness and brightness; and a woman raises a glass to rolling her biological clock back an hour in order to lower her stress level. To highlight just some of these awesome, laugh our loud greeting cards.

Truly and humorously celebrate someone special's big event, accomplishment, or the Yuletide, or encourage them to heal up, by gifting them one of the mirthful missives in this massive, marvelous, joyous and jokey collection. Neither you nor they will be disappointed.