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Cards by Gibson Carothers

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Gibson Carothers is paid to come up with funny phrases and has turned the fruits of his wry wit into a business, churning out text for a whole slew of products including tee shirts, greeting cards, pet dishes, wall clocks, watches, coffee mugs and caps. He is a successful, prolific writer of wacky witticisms.

The collection of funny greetings from the inventive and imaginative mind of Gibson Carothers on sale here include Happy Birthday, Holidays and Mother's Day cards. Photographic and cartoon imagery is used, along with hilarious punchlines, of course, to enliven any friend's, coworker's, kid's and mom's Birthday, Yuletide and Mama's Day. Planets, puckered old ladies, plump fruits and vegetables, DIY Snowman Kits and beautiful mommy faces are all employed to allow you to give the gift of laughter and good cheer to all those you know celebrating turning another year older, the festive season and/or being a great female parent.