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Cartoonist Stan Eales Cards for Birthdays, Christmas and Other Occasions

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New Zealand-born and UK-based cartoonist Stan Eales says that cartooning for him is like a drug, sex or chocolate addiction. He's been busy attending to his cruel mistress with contributions in Punch, Private Eye, The Spectator, Playboy USA and other publications that include several books. You'll be helpless to kick the habit once you've seen his dark brand of humor in these outrageously funny greeting cards for various occasions. We have a colorful selection of his masterpieces here at NobleWorks. There is the accidental snowman death, a dominatrix birthday wish, the peg-legged pirate who gets socks for Christmas, a Godfather birthday celebration and a dog online wasting time on a social ass-sniffing site called "Ass Book" wonder what that might be in reference to?