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Cards by Gustavo Rodriguez

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Artist Bio

Gustavo Rodriguez has been drawing since he was a kid. His cartooning career "started" in 1986 in his hometown of Havana, Cuba. He had one of his comic strips appear in a monthly magazine under the pen name of Garrincha. After that, his works began to appear in several other Cuban publications. Many hundreds of cartoons, illustrations and comics later, as well as exhibitions and awards in some international contests, he left Cuba for good and came to the United States in 2005. He is currently contributing regularly to El Nuevo Herald newspaper, Yahoo Noticias en Espanol and Marti Noticias. His comic strip, "Understanding Chaos," appears daily in GoComics. He has one comic strips book published and two more are in the works.

Everyone could use a good laugh around the Holidays, and a great greeting card with which to celebrate the seasonal festivities. Well, check "and" check - with this clever, colorful, funny, fantastic collection of Christmas and New Year cards!

In this cartoon illustrated, humorously punch lined Yuletide and New Annum greeting grouping: a black haired office lady in a red dress files her nails while she files away another Xmas and prepares to welcome the new year, with tree decorations filling her OUT box and a champagne bottle and glasses filling her IN box; Ted the cubicle zombie gives the Secret Santa gift of a box of bloody brains to a pretty blonde co-worker in a bright red dress, as another woman in purple and blue guesses the brainiac's identity; a green-skinned teen in a rumpled red shirt and low-riding green pants opens his present and asks his parents if he can return the gifted brown slacks if they actually "fit."

The chuckles abound on these mirthful merriment cards, greatly and garrulously adding to the warm good feelings and fine happy spirit of the Noel and New Year period. Brilliantly drawn up and pithily penned for your sure-to-be-appreciated gifting to special friends, family members and colleagues at the most wonderful, wackiest time of the year.