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Offensive + Delightful Funny Cards

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Some people think that using profanity is a sign of stupidity and poor communication. The English language is filled with a variety of specific vocabulary that best defines certain situations, after all; ergo, using profane vulgarities reveals the lack of education and character you possess.

Other people know that when you need to make a fucking impact...

Olga Krigman is the second type of person, and we love her for it. She is the creator of Offensive + Delightful, and she has turned the industry on its head with her collection of naughty greeting cards, rude Christmas cards, dirty birthday cards and much more.

Each card in this line features bold, bright typography and lettering infused with Olga’s artistic flair. Using vivid colors in cute combinations, her designs look happy and bouncy enough to be on church posters and teen magazines — until you see “fuck,” “motherfucker,” “ass” and “bullshit” written in the same style. That’s when you know Offensive + Delightful doesn’t care about the church tea party: This line of cards is ready to crack open that bottle of merlot and get wicked.

Featuring strong, pro-woman messages and emotionally supporting affirmations, you can find cards that say “You are one tough motherfucker,” “Fuck yeah, it’s your birthday” and “You’re fucking amazing.” In other words, these cards rip the words right out of your mouth and put them on a greeting card that your friends will cherish for the rest of their lives.

At NobleWorks Cards, we stock all sorts of irreverent greeting cards and offensive birthday cards, and we’re proud to feature cards from the Offensive + Delightful line. We also have some of the company’s dirty Christmas cards, featuring retro Santas who love to drink and smoke pot. We also offer free shipping on many cards, and our bulk discount gets bigger with the more of a single card you buy.

Order dirty greeting cards by Offensive + Delightful from NobleWorks Cards, and get ready to create lasting memories with your rowdy friends.