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Cards by Andy Singer

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Artist Bio

Andy Singer is a three headed, six-armed alien from the planet Neptor. He came to earth in 1965, on a mission to observe human beings and other earth-based life forms. He has been recording his observations in the form of small pen and ink drawings ever since. His multiple arms have enabled him to be quite prolific and he's published cartoons in The New Yorker, The New York Times,,, Funny Times, La Decroissance and countless other newspapers, magazines and websites. If you see him on the street don't be scared off by his three heads. He's really quite friendly.

The clever, colorful, funny, cartoon illustrated, stand-out greeting cards in this fabulous collection cover Birthdays, Mother's Day, Holidays, Anniversaries and even Hanukwanzmas - whatever the heck that is!?

With finely and hilariously drawn pictures and humorously worded punch lines: a driving tester gets a female client to steer with her knee, talk on the phone, eat some fast food and put on her makeup; a stoned, bearded hippie in a pink and daisy shirt and a peace sign necklace dizzily ponders all the different religions, to send out some Holy Daze best wishes; and a male zombie in a torn white shirt and blue jeans testifies to the special, juicy, gray celled qualities of his brainy spouse looking overexposed in a ripped yellow shirt, green pants and pink intestines. To single out just a few of the bright, witty, wacky, wonderful, garrulous cards in this grouping.

So, don't give a friend, family member, co-worker or rolling buddy yet another bland, boring, amateurishly sketched and joked card for a special occasion or holiday, when you can gift them one of the laugh-out-loud, brilliantly hand-wrought, great cards in this amazing collage of mirth and art.