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BOO - yeah! The World's Cutest Dog adorably adorns every enticing card in this charming, fun, furry collection of Birthday, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Graduation, Miss You and Bon Voyage greetings.

The picture perfect red and white fluffy Pomeranian spills a plant, does diddly-squats on a big pink exercise ball, busts some disco moves in flashy rainbow attire, dons a red mortarboard, slaps on a pair of cool shades, snuggles up with crimson hearts and roses, feels downright blue, puts on a yellow and green party hat and a pair of black aviator goggles, and dresses up super-patriotic in star-spangled duds, to successfully deliver great cheer, awesome best wishes, and sweet sentiments to anyone gifted one of these warm and fuzzy best wishes greeting cards.

So, BOO-st someone's spirits big-time, by sending them out a cuddlesome charm card from this colorful, huggable, hilarious, fantastic, paws-itively wonderful BOO dog pack of marvelous missives.