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Cards By Aimee Stewart

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Aimee Stewart gladly adopts the title "Renaissance Woman," and for good reason. As a self taught artist, photographer and writer who has music in her soul and daydreams in her blood, she lives life as one giant creative endeavor.

Mom deserves the absolute best on her big, special one day of the year when we celebrate all things motherhood. And one of the best cards for the happy, thankful, kudos-laden, lovely and loving occasion is the beautiful, colorful, flower-full greeting card of good cheer and best wishes featured here.

Exquisite, elegant, blooming, red and yellow blossoms with green leaves and brown cones are artistically pictured against a parchment perfect map background decorated with islands, sailing ships, a compass, a crown and lines of longitude and latitude. With a red scrolled and scripted "Happy Mother's Day" message on the inside of the crafty, creative, retro greeting card.

Any Ma, Mama, Mum, Mater, Mommy or Mummy will be delighted to receive this utterly unique, antique accentuated, smile and tears-inducing card of family woman recognition and commemoration.