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Cards by Jonas Jödicke

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Jonas Jodicke has been creating and imagining fantastic worlds ever since he can remember. In 2010 he started uploading some of his artworks on the Internet and what started as a hobby has now become his profession. His paintings are known for their portrayal of majestic animals and magical sceneries, mixed with bold colors and spiritual themes - especially the interplay of Yin and Yang.

Majestic animals and magical sceneries are truly featured in spellbinding colors and spectacular images on these Christmas and Anniversary cards designed by Jonas Jodicke. All those on your Xmas greetings list will marvel at the beautiful and original artwork featuring a reindeer with magnificent branch like antlers full of leaves, berries, birds and butterflies on the glorious and gorgeous Happy Holidays season's greetings card. While all those loving friends, relatives and colleagues you know who are celebrating an Anniversary with a beloved spouse or partner will be amazed when you gift them the stunningly colorful and strikingly lovely tropical fish Anniversary greeting. These awe inspiring Noel and Anniversary greeting cards will be received with joy, wonder and delight by all who festively celebrate the Yuletide or are happily commemorating a wedding or relationship milestone.