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Cards By Margaret Cobane

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Margaret Cobane displayed her artistic talent from a very young age, and is an accomplished sculptor, artist and designer. The whimsical characters she creates in her ornaments and paintings reflect her inner heart.

Christmas is all about traditions, practiced by and celebrated with family and friends, at the tree and dinner table. So, the Xmas card featured here from artist Margaret Cobane finely features a traditional Father Christmas in a beautiful, flowing blue and white robe, with a long, curled white beard, wearing a red and green wreath atop his head and holding a brown, knotted, wooden staff in his green mitten.

And old school Pere Noel is posed in a winter wonderland of snow-laden evergreens, surrounded by the creatures of the forest. Gathered about glorious, garrulous Kris Kringle are some brown and white spotted deer, a black spotted lynx, a snowy owl, a pair of bunny rabbits, a raccoon and a white fox.

All those celebrating the holidays according to their own long-established traditions will love receiving this bright, beaming, blue sky, warm and wonderful, picturesque Yuletide missive of good feelings and great spirit.