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John McPherson Funny Birthday Cards

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John McPherson's cartoons have appeared regularly in over forty magazines, and in 1992 Universal Press Syndicate and John teamed up to launch Close to Home. Since that time, Close to Home has earned its way into 700 papers worldwide, including The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Tokyo Times and Hanoi Daily News. In addition, John has published numerous book collections of his work, a yearly block calendar and an award-winning line of greeting cards. In addition to his cartooning, John is an active speaker, talking to groups about the rigors of syndicated cartooning.

This collection of colorful cartoon cards from artist John McPherson are hilariously illustrated and humorously worded, fit fun, fine and fantastic for Father's Day, Mother's Day, Birthday and Happy Holidays greetings giving. The merriment and mirth are mixed together for maximum Dad, Mom, other family members, friends and colleagues' enjoyment, much like those age-appropriate drinks one dashing dude is putting together for the pretty partying ladies.

On other cards: Pop cell phones up his daughter at the food-laden dinner table so he can secure some more gravy; a daring dog named Skyler notches up and snapchats out another postman wall plaque; and urgent Mama chases after an ambulance to make sure her injured offspring has a clean pair of underwear for the hospital.

Done up in bright, vivid, vivacious blues, reds, yellows, purples, browns, blacks, whites, pinks, oranges, greens, sand, icing, balloons, turkey, bears and kiddies, these cute, charming, disarming, rib-tickling, hysterical greeting cards will strike just the right funnybone notes to enhance, enliven and brighten anyone's big special day.