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Cards By Leeann Walker

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Leeann Walker is an illustrator from Liverpool in the UK. She's slightly obsessed with puns.

A cherished friend or family member, or favored co-worker, exiting your life for awhile is a sad event, a miserable occasion to be sure. But that doesn't mean you can't at least try to put a happy face on things, attempt to cheer up both them and you until you surely and joyously meet up again - with the funny, punny, cute, colorful, lovely and loving Miss You greeting cards in this sweet, sentimental and sensational collection from artist Leeann Walker.

Against vivid, vibrant white backgrounds: a tearful brown owl raises a wing of fond goodbye; a bunch of purple faced grapes with a green stem and leaf attached make with a humorous gripe of longing; and a red and green ketchup bottle pours on the charm and cheer and pun punch line to dollop out an invitation of glad reunion.

Any special person going away for whatever reason is going to leave a huge void, there's no getting around that. But you can, at least, slap on a smile and try to see the bright side of getting together again, with one of the touching, tender and joyfully jokey cards in this delightful friendship grouping.