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Cards By Elaine Vollberbst Lane

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Anybody who's not feeling so well, or anyone who's owed a big dose of gratitude, will soon be feeling wonderful, uplifted and gratified when you gift them one of the Get Well and Thank You cards in this beautiful, blooming, brilliantly-hued collection.

Elaine Vollberbst Lane has created magnificent, memorable, artful, colorful greeting cards featuring stunning, blossoming, bright, white magnolias with green leaves, on shimmering blue backgrounds, with lovely, flowery bordered interiors. Perfect for thanking somebody special for helping you out, or letting someone who's ill know that you're thinking of them.

These striking, stunning, spectacular, square-top gratefulness and get better greeting cards represent a fine, floral, creative, charming, marvelous way to exhibit your best wishes and good cheer to all those so deserving of it or greatly requiring it.