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Everyday, Blank and Christmas Cards with Maria Scrivan's Cartoons

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Maria Scrivan's clever cartoons are sharply relevant to our crazy times. Whether it's Santa in his yoga positions, Valentine's Day online dating at the grocery store or Dirty Harry robbing a leprechaun of his pot o' gold on St. Patrick's Day, everyone will "LOL" at these comical greeting cards that playfully poke fun of all of us and our crazy modern lives. You'll find references to Facebook, popular movies, hair extensions, man caves and beloved icons of the 1980s. Nope, nothing is sacred here.

Scrivan's spot-on social commentary cartoons have been published in MAD Magazine, Parade Magazine, on and (among many other printed and online publications), and her daily cartoon panel Half Full is syndicated online. We're delighted to present her funniest creations here at NobleWorks.