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Sexy and Humorous Beefcake Greeting Cards

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The sexy, hard, bare, chiseled, male bodies are on almost full display in living, loving, lusting, gaily laughing color in this collection of muscled, marvelous, magnificent, manly greeting cards. All in the erotic, exciting, enticing cause of celebrating steamy Happy Birthdays and Halloweens and one damn desirable Valentine's Day.

Ripped and barely-robed gorgeous goodtime guys: grip a skyscraper between their studly legs; gather close together around a ghetto blaster in torn blue jeans, red short-shorts and gold chains to show off their tats and lats, flash a few gang-bang signals, and generally and generously pump up the party; and a charming, blue-eyed brunette poses model near-perfect, showing off his shredded abs and peaked pecs and biceps, to turn up the sultry and sensuous on the most romantically risqué day of the year.

These colorful, flesh-filled, primed, peaked greeting cards are packed with awesome, ogle-worthy, scorching images, along with bright, beautiful, vivid blues, blacks, oranges, reds, greens, browns, whites, blondes, pumpkin heads, flames, spidermen and cowboys, to light up anyone's big special and/or romantic day and All Hallows' Eve party in eye-catching, form-appealing, appendage-hardening, fun and fancy style.