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Cards by Bill Whitehead

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Bill Whitehead's career in cartooning started in the fifth grade, when he would copy drawings from comic strips, the New Yorker magazine and editorial cartoons. Later, he created posters for book and record stores and freelanced for the Saturday Evening Post, Advertising Age, the Boston Phoenix, Wall Street Journal and King Features. For 20 years Bill has written humor greeting cards, winning several citations for best-selling cards in his category. His work is also included in the Cartoon Research Library at Ohio State University.

You know you've got a virtually unstoppable, unquenchable, unsquelchable, raging inferno on your hands when the Trick Candle factory goes up in flames. That's just one small, blazing example of the clever, colorful, scowl-retardant, hilarious cartoons and punch lines you'll find featured in this delightful, humor-filled collection of greeting cards for virtually every occasion and holiday from Bill Whitehead.

To highlight but a few funny, fabulous, goodtime greetings: a woman blows out her birthday cake candles while wishing to lose excess weight, and hubby disappears in a flash of cellulite; Moses leads a group of malcontents through the desert and threatens to turn the entire complaining caravan around if they're not careful; a cute yellow pooch saunters through a doggie swing door in order to belly up to the saloon bar like the cowboys and cowpokes; and a doctor's waiting room is crowded with sick wives whose husbands attempted to cook them a special meal, with stomach-churning results.

Bordered in bright, vivid, boisterous purple, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink and red, and illustrated and worded with great hilarity, these feel-good joke cards celebrate and commemorate Birthdays, Halloween, Retirement, St. Patrick's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Easter and Graduation in laugh out loud style. Even an apologetic Sorry card gets imbued with merry mirth, along with creative design, in this immense, uplifting gathering of good cheer greetings.