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Cards By Richard Chodkowski

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In life, as in golf, you have to go for the green. And this great golf-related greeting card, to divot up the laughter and good cheer upon someone special's life-altering latest Birthday.

Here, you and the lucky card recipient celebrating their big day can join the club - or, more appropriately, clubs - to tee up, drive out and pitch in the jokes and hilarity. A wood, an iron and a putter are pictured animated with funny mouths and making with the dirty links-related mirth on the outside of this green, sand and blue sky chortle card; while on the inside, a pair of wet, white, dimpled balls add to the swinging innuendoes and great humor.

You'll have fantastic B-Day greeting giving in the bag, when you whip this wonderful, wacky, witty card out to anybody commemorating another year marker, no matter what their handicap.