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Cards By Carol Robinson

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Carol Robinson is an American artist born and raised in Salt Lake City in the US. She currently lives in Canada together with her husband and children. Carol is a painter who creates artwork on a variety of subjects including landscapes and portraits. She uses mixed media for her works.

Beautiful, artistic, creative, crafted, watercolor designs are featured in this vast and varied greeting card collection from Carol Robinson. Santa, snowmen, birds, deer, flowers, trees, berries, bunny rabbits, foxes and angels are all rendered in exquisite detail for delightful viewing and sharing on these colorful, wonderful cards.

You can send out your best Season's Greetings, Sympathy, Merry Christmas, Happy Anniversary, Happy Mother's Day, Happy Holidays, Thank You and Get Well greetings with the marvelous missives in this massive, magnificent grouping. And your caring efforts will surely be greatly appreciated thanks to these charming notecards.

Featuring tinted reds, greens, blues, whites, yellows, pinks, oranges, blacks and purples, and glowing lamps, sparkling snowflakes, scrolled ribbons, Kris Kringle capped songbirds, Xmas wrapped gifts and ornamental balls, there's an elegant, attractive, memorable, heartfelt card for everyone and every situation, at your fingertips.