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Cards by Martin Bucella

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Artist Bio

I was born of normal parents. All of my brothers and sisters are normal. At least I think so. There were 23 of us in all and my parents, being poor sharecroppers, had to sell off most of us to survive. I was purchased by a raveling sideshow and made money by drawing in dried mud with a stick. This is how the term "stick figure" was coined. Patrons would toss pennies if they liked what I drew, but I had to give 95% of my take to the head Carney. If I didn't earn enough, I wouldn't eat. Often was the time I drew pictures of food in the mud and ate that. Eventually, I got quite good and started adding words to the drawings. Words I learned from the carnies and can't repeat here.

When I started earning more that most of the other carney workers, I left and started my career. Come January 2017, I'll have 40 years of cartooning under my belt. In that time I've sold many cartoons to many markets. I guess things worked out and I don't plan on quitting anytime soon.

P.S. If anyone runs into my parents, tell them I'm looking for them.