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Cartoon Cards by D. T. Walsh for Holidays and Everyday Occasions

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D. T. Walsh has been a freelance cartoonist / writer for over 15 years. His drawing career began at the age of 4, when he 'thrilled' his mom and dad, by rendering Fred Flintstone on the living room wall in vibrant crayola crayons.

Since then, the artwork of D. T. Walsh has been published internationally in greeting cards, books, magazines, newspapers, and musical CD covers. Several of his cartoons appear in the current edition of the Saturday Evening Post.

Some of his the colorful characters include a lonely jazz cat with 'no boogie in his woogie', a reindeer who is sad because his wife ran off to Vegas and 'blew 50 bucks', and a constipated bullshit.

When D. T. Walsh is not in his studio in North Carolina, he can be found napping, time traveling, and leaping tall hedges in a single bound.