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Cards by Dave Coverly

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Artist Bio

Dave Coverly was born with a pen in his hand. And you know what? His mom STILL makes him feel guilty about how uncomfortable that was! Like he knew better, right? He was ZERO. Anyway, he still has a pen in his hand, mainly because he has been creating the panel "Speed Bump" since 1994, and it's really difficult to draw without one. His cartoons now run in a few hundred papers, and they've won some awards, most notably the Reuben Award in 2009, which is given to the Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year by the National Cartoonists Society. This made his mom more proud than uncomfortable for once, though she maintains it didn't quite even the score.

The thing Dave didn't know when he started drawing a cartoon panel, however, is that the panel shape is PERFECT FOR GREETING CARDS. He didn't know this because he's not that bright – he just got lucky. But the cool people at NobleWorks ARE that bright, and they recognized that "Speed Bump" could be printed on a rectangular card. Not only that, they knew that someone could add another witty line to the inside of the card, and then it would become a fun piece of folded paper for one person to give another person on a special occasion. Or no occasion at all! Maybe just for the heck of it! What will NobleWorks think of next?

In case you're curious about the knucklehead who drew all these cartoons, well, he lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has a wife named Chris, two daughters named Alayna and Simone (one's named Alayna, one's named Simone – they're not both named Alayna & Simone), a dog named Macy, and an attic studio named Pat, so as not to be gender-specific. He also writes and draws children's books for Macmillan, and is the principle cartoonist for BarkBox. His website is It's kind of lame, but it's better than a punch in the belly.