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Oh Baby Hilarious Everyday Occasions and Holiday Greetings

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W.C. Fields once said, "Never work with children and animals." That may be true in the theater, but not true when it comes to being subjects for greeting cards! The unpredictability of kids makes them great photographic subjects and stars of the Oh Baby line from NobleWorks Cards. What parent or professional photographer can resist snapping a shot of their antics and funny expressions? And even the sweetest more innocent picture can be captioned with touch of wickedly funny humor. Is there a better subject on a card for Mother's Day or Father's Day, than a baby? It may not be you, but it is from you, and that is all that matters. But of course, this line also includes birthday, get well, Valentine's Day and Christmas wiith hilariously funny greetings as well. You may even wet your diaper, you'll laugh so hard.