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Cards by Linda Fountain

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Using a combination of cut paper layered with paint and pastels, Linda Fountain creates work that is both energetic and optimistic. Inspired by natural elements like leaves, seed pods and vines, she layers organic lines and forms in compositions that inspire viewers' interpretations. Prior to pursuing fine art, Linda was a nationally renowned designer, art director and illustrator. Her work has been published in prestigious award show annuals and her illustrations were commissioned by national and international clients including Estee Lauder, and the U.S. Postal Service, which featured her work on its official 2011 Christmas stamp.

Mother's Day and Valentine's Day are super special days, full of love and warm feelings. So, these two wonderful occasions are deserving of appropriately glorious, gorgeous, emotional greeting cards specially designed to convey sweet loving sentiments. Such as the great cards in this amazing collection.

To make Mom beam and hug with happiness, and maybe tear up just a little, there's a delightful notecard of vibrant green, black, white and pink, featuring a funny dachshund wearing a pink hat frolicking inside a black and white striped hat box. While for V-Day lovely best wishes, there's a card with a brown and a black wiener dog kissing under a fine floral display and against a vivid pink and yellow background; and a chubby naked cherub takes to the bright pink air with bow and arrow and white fluttering wings to shoot out some "Be My Valentine" romanticism.

These artful, stylish, creative, colorful, cheerful, elegant and emoting cards from artist Linda Fountain are epically perfectly suited to the awesome occasions involved, celebrated and commemorated, sure to foster big smiles and true love.