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Cards By Mark Parisi

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The visual and verbiage laughs are courtesy of artist Mark Parisi in this well-drawn, wittily worded collection of Birthday, Belated Birthday, Thanksgiving, Chanukah and New Year greetings. The talented designer and gag-liner has whipped up a batch of colorfully illustrated, hilariously punchlined cards for almost every gifting occasion, for the mucho amusement and amazement of your favorite mates and family members.

In this varied and very hysterical selection of greeting cards, cats pack Noah's ark on his wife's orders, a turkey gets some disturbing fortune telling, a dreidel goes high tech, a cork's head aches, and a dog checks out The Sniffing Channel on TV. You can't go wrong, and your friends and relatives won't stop laughing, with any one of these clever and charming cartoon gut-busters.